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Another idea when comping is to MOVE the notes – some call it “doodle“. To start to be comfortable when you “doodle” – run mini scales.

Link – Scaling for Comping

Play all your exercises – with a light – detached attach on each note – NOT LEGATO

Count evenly – then DOUBLE the count. For all the exercises that follow – play BOTH hands – usually ONE MEASURE AT A TIME (repeating – without stops) – until you can proceed faster.

  1. Each line is a new key or scale
  2. Each line uses the Dominate Chord (V7) chord – even though the Right Hand is still play the same scale.
  3. The last measure of each line – uses the CHROMATIC approach to going to the next chord
  4. All “white note” keys (scales) are done for you – NOW – You go and do the same on the Db, Eb, F#, Ab, & Bb scales!
  5. The Dominate 7th chord is there to show you how you can play the scale of the “next measure chord” over the 7th chord entrance.
  6. This exercise is designed to start TRAINING your hand position to AUTO PILOT go to the MAJOR CHORD in ROOT position.

Now find places within your solos – to add a scale. Particularly at a phrase ending.