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Welcome to the world of Accordion. The accordion was originally a chord based instrument – meant to “accompany” a singer or other instruments. Even a NOVICE to the accordion can learn to play “chords only” – even before they can master a solo.

Let’s get started: INTRO TO C Major, G Major, & F Major Chord

Start by playing a simple tune – to get it in your ear. Favorite Polka.

Link – Favorite Polka

Now take a moment and work with Technique Drill #2 – this will get you used to the different major chords you will need to play in Favorite Polka – based on the scales they are based on.

Link – 2 Technique Drill 2

Now – work on the CGF Chord Drill – to see how to place your have to get to the chords very simply.

Link – CGF Chord Drill

Revisit Favorite Polka – start by playing the written chords – and the second half show how to play them only on the 2nd and 4th counts.

Link – Favorite Polka Chords only


Pull out your easy songs – in the key of C – (look for basses – C – G – F) If the song says G7 – ignore that for now and play the GM chord. (We will learn 7th chords later)

NOW – PRETEND – there is a singer or another instrument – and play chords only to the song. (we will progress to other styles of playing the chords later)

Here is one you can start with:

Link – I’ll Fly Away Key of C

Good Luck – Shelia