Learn Simple Fills and Accompaniment – for Waltz Time

LINK – Waltz Accompaniment Exercises

Link – A Paris Dans – Grace & FIlls (this is full song – away from the Exercise above)

In this exercise – I am showing how to fill that little area at the end of each musical phrase. This example is in Waltz time – I will do more for 4/4 time later.

Practice the examples at the tops of each page – then see how I put them into the last measures of each phrase.

On the last page – experiment – adding your own – from the examples.

Now take these additional songs and do the same.

LINK – 1 Que Sera, Sera

LINK – 10 Norwegian Wood

LINK – 14 Time in a Bottle

LINK – 17 Over the Waves

LINK – Sunrise Sunset