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PH2 – Accordion Lessons

A few years ago – I filmed each song from PH Bk 2 – along with additional solos and exercise drills. Each session was 1 hour long!!! There were video links – to each song and each session – but NOW the CLOUD ATE THEM!

Follow the LINK – Each session covers one song from Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 2 – starting with a really good introduction to the accordion – so you could possibly start Here instead of Bk 1. There are additional tunes coupled with each song – as well as a lot of chord work and more scales & technique.

AND REMEMBER – here is how you should practice: (typical 45 min session) DO NOT PRACTICE more than 45 min. in a session. Take a break and go again later! YOU CAN PLAY ALL YOU WANT – this is the pattern for your PRACTICE SESSIONS.

  1. Warm Up – Play 3 of your favorite simple tunes to warm up (10 min)
  2. Exercises – Do the assigned technique drills and scales (5 min)
  3. Practice – Spend no more than 15 to 20 minutes working on songs you are learning – and work them BACKWARDS – learn the ending first! (15 min)
  4. Sightread – Pull out a fake book – or pull future songs from the sessions and sight read them. Establish the key, review the bass movement, scope out the hand movements – then PLAY WITHOUT STOPPING. (10 min)
  5. Cool Down – Play the first 3 songs again! (5 min)

PLEASE take a week or two or more – on each Session – master the techniques – master the songs taught – then move to the next session. The average person will take 4 or more months to cover the materials.

Session 1 – Solos – Drink To Me Only With Thine Eyes, Que Sera, Sera, De Colores, & Du, Du Liegst Mir Im Herzen

Link – Session #1http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-1

Session 2 – Solos – Camptown Races, When the Saints Go Marching In, Cavalito Blanco, & This Land is Your Land

Link – Session #2http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-2

Session 3 – Solos – Big Parade, Jambalaya, In Heaven there is No Beer, Rocky Top, & Wearing of the Green

Link – Session #3http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-lesson-3

Session 4 – Solos – Caissons Go Rolling Along, Rocky Top (w/minor bass), White Christmas, & You Are My Sunshine

Link – Session #4http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-4

Session 5 -Solos – Vieni Sul Mar (Come to the Sea), Hofbrauhaus,The WIld Colonial Boy, & Wing of a Dove

Link – Session #5http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-5

Link to video – to INTRO to Legato & Beginning exercisehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XbvZsKgLqrU

Session 6 – Solos – Marines Hymn, I’m a Yankee Doodle Dandy, Blue Christmas, Jingle Bells, Oh, My Pa Pa, & Bamboo Flute

Link – Session #6http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session

Session 7 – Solos – Echo Waltz, The Little Cafe by the Habour, El Paso, & Amazing Grace

Link – Session #7http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-7

Session 8 – Solos – Viva L’Amour, Jesus Loves Me, Mack the Knife, Deep in the Heart of Texas, & You’ll Never Walk Alone

Link – Session #8http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-8

Session 9 – Solos – She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain, Sugartime, Edelweiss, & Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

Link – Session #9http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-9

Session 10 – Solos – Over the Waves, Don’t Be Cruel, Norwegian Woods, Away in a Manger, & We Wish You A Merry Christmas

(This is 10 – though it is labeled 6)

Link – Session #10http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-6

Session 11 – Solos – Golden Slippers, I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus, Puff the Magic Dragon, Ramblin’ Rose, & Smile

(This is 11 – though it is labeled 10)

Link – Session #11http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-10

 Session 12 – Solos – (Viva Latino) Chipanecas, Las Machetes, Senora Santana, Las Mananitas, El Tabor de la Algria, & El Condor Passa (Paul Simon)

Link – Session #12http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-134

Session 13 – Solos – (Prost German) Country Gardens, Beer Barrel Polka (chorus), Blue Skirt Waltz (chorus), Ein Prosit, Julida Polka (chorus), Muss I Denn (Wooden Heart), & Auf Wiedersehen

Link – Session #13http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-93

Session 14 – Solos – (European) Merry Widow Waltz, Minka, Sea Chanty, Time in a Bottle, Sunrise, Sunset, Miserlou, & Hava Nagila

Link – Session #14http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-27

Session 15 – Solos – (Texas) La Donna E Mobile, County Fair (Put Your Little Foot), Texas Our Texas (State Song), Waltz Across Texas, Lonely Accordion, Yellow Rose of Texas, The Eyes of Texas, & Auld Lang Syne

Link – Session #15http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-371

Session 16 – Solos – (Hoedown) Scheherrazade, Arkansas Traveler, Kumbaya My Lord, The Girl I Left Behind, Turkey in the Straw, & Soldier’s Joy

Link – Session #16http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-286

Session 17 – Last – Solos – (Water EveryWhere!) Danube Waves, Danny Boy, Do Lord, Anchors Aweigh, Over the Waves (full), & Blue Danube

Link – Session #17http://texasaccordionnet.ning.com/profiles/blogs/accordion-lesson-ph2-session-303

YEAH – you have completed Palmer & Hughes Book 2 – Now continue with PH #3