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Duets – Learn to Create Duets

These duets are written – out of the NEED for you to learn to SEE and HEAR what the accompaniments SHOULD be doing. I wrote the basic melody line on either the top or 2nd staff – and the accompaniment on the other staff.

The bass style is level 2 or 3 with the melody – sometimes level 1. The Accompaniment is level 3 to 4.


  1. Play the melody – SOLO
  2. Then grab what counter melody and chords you can add – from the accompaniment
  3. During the LONG melody notes – add what the accompaniment is doing
  4. AND SEE the chord structure – so you can add chords – in this style of song
  5. Learn from the bass style I chose to use – a lot of “end of measure” PUSHES
  6. PRACTICE – Bass Styles

CHALLENGE: NOW take this basic accompaniment style and play it along with other simple tunes you know

Link – I’ll Fly Away – Duet:Accompaniment – Level 1

Happy Wanderer is written – in three separate parts –

  1. Study and practice PART 3 – see the chord positions.
  2. Study and practice PART 2 – see how the long notes in from the melody are FILLED IN WITH RUNS.
  3. Now – Play the melody and ADD as many of these runs from PART 2 as you can

Link – Happy Wanderer Key CHappy Wanderer 2nd accordionHappy Wanderer 3rd Accordion – Level 1-2

Mack the Knife is written – in three separate parts –

Link – 8 Mack The Knife – Solo level 1

Link – Mack the Knife 2nd accordion link- Mack the Knife 3rd accordion – Level 2

Search for these OTHER DUETS:

  • Daydream Believer – Level 2
  • Happy Wanderer – Level 2
  • Brown Eyed Girl – Level 3
  • My Boyfriend’s Back – Level 2.5
  • Norwegian Wood – Level 1