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Introduction to COUNTING – with Solfage

It seems very basic – BUT PLEASE review this exercise. We are so used to SAYING ONE AND TWO AND THREE AND FOUR – when counting – this causes MAJOR trouble when we get to 16th notes. SOOOO I would like to change that NOW.

Please review this OFFICIAL MUSIC SCHOOL Method for Counting

Link – Counting Syllables-Eastman


  1. SPEAK the Count Number when the note hits on that Count
  2. DO NOT SPEAK the Count Number when count hits on a rest
  3. SPEAK the “te” when a note falls on the 2nd half of the count
  4. DO NOT SPEAK the Count or the te – if the value of the note continues

Print these exercises – and write in the remaining counts under the notes:

  1. Link – Counting Intro 8th Notes – Link to Full SoloAll My Loving 1963 Level 1
  2. Link – Counting Intro 8th Notes 3:4 – Link to Full Solo – 14 Time in a Bottle 1973

Open this link and SPEAK all the Counts – that are already labeled.

Link – Counting – 8th Notes- Level 1 (La Gallanita – Cumbia)

NOW – PRINT these Exercises & Songs and Practice WRITING in the Counts:

  1. Counting – Label – Syncopation Exercise
  2. Annie Laurie
  3. Hava Nagila