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Norwegian Wood

This is a real simple tune and great as a duet or trio. Remember – this is a LEARNING BLOG. Not just a repository for solos and duets.

Link – to listenhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ySg0HWBj6KY

  1. FIRST – LISTEN to it. It is faster than you remember – AND the accompaniment it VERY BUSY – in other word – pretty rhythmic!
  2. SECOND– look at part 3 – and play the chords only. Ideally – you CAN do this exercise WITHOUT looking at part 3 – just follow the bass line or chord structure for the solo.
  3. Play chord accompaniment patterns – it is written out very simply. NOW ADD more beats to the chords – Practice this exercise – to help – ROCKING for COMPING (In Exercises)
  4. Add the PUSH bass style (bass on last count or last half count – leading to next measure)

Link – Solo – Norwegian Wood Level 1

Link – Accompaniment – Norwegian Woods 3rd Accordion

Link – Duet – Norwegian Wood 2nd Accordion