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Rocking for Comping

Now that you Really Feeling Accomplished! (Blocks for Comping) (please review Blocks for Comping) – lets move onto something MORE than just PUNCHING CHORDS!

You are now really feeling comfortable with the chords and hand positions – now let’s start to break them up. I am also doing a new chord progression structure. Notice that at the end of each line – I am using the 7th chord that leads to the next line’s Key!

Link – Rocking for Comping

Practice each LINE INDEPENDENTLY (leave off the last 2 counts) – then practice progressing to the next key.

  1. Practice one measure at a time – over and over without stopping
  2. Follow the fingering rules (Pinky on Top)
  3. Each line is a new key – with the 3 main chords in that key
  4. ALSO watch out for the last two counts – I am showing how to use the 7th chord of the key that follows on the next line – as a lead in chord
  5. Each line introduces a new method of playing your chords in a rocking fashion
  6. Now – In Each Key – follow the changing rhythms – but stay in the same key!
  7. ALSO – notice that I use a combination of rocks and chords in the last few examples!
  8. All White note keys are demonstrated (I used the Bb this time!) – NOW GO DO THE BLACK NOTE KEYS

Excellent songs to use this rocking style on: