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Learn to add Fills and Accompaniment in 4/4 Time

In this exercise – I am showing how to fill that little area at the end of each musical phrase. This example is in 4/4 time.

Link – Learn Fills & Accompaniment 4:4 Time

Practice the examples – one line at a time. The 2nd line is the full song – showing accompaniment plus the FILL at the LONG NOTES.

Proceed through each line – READ what I tell you I am doing. Here is the simple Lead Line Version to practice with – Link – Just Because

Now take these additional songs and do the same.

Search for – Wind Beneath My Wings –  (Fills are needed on Pg 1) – Add chords below the melody – change bass style to HOLDING in the slower parts – put in your own fills

Link – I’ll Be Home For Christmas (Fills are already shown – see what I did)

Link – It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Solo:Duet) (see Duet Part for ideas for Comping)