You now have the skills to START ACCOMPANYING!!!

As I state below – if you have done ALL 4 Comping exercises – you are now ready to branch out and get adventurous! I sincerely have been scouring the Internet for links to send you to – so I don’t have to do this – BUT WOW – there is nothing to be found! At least FREE. So we are in this – just you and me……..

Here are several 3 chord solos – practice each song completely through using EVERY example in each of the Exercises. Simply find your key – and then use the styles from each LINE in each EXERCISE!!!

  1. Scaling for Comping
  2. Blocking for Comping 3:4
  3. Blocking for Comping
  4. Rocking for Comping
  5. Rolling for Comping

HERE is how you get started – open one of these 3 chord songs – that you don’t particularly know:

  1. Look at the left hand chords only
  2. Start by holding the proper chord the entire length that the chord goes (i.e. 4 measures)
  3. Then as you get BORED of doing nothing – start pulling in the techniques you have learned in these 4 main exercises (above).
  4. Pick a style of accompaniment for as many measures as that chord is played
  5. Change smoothly to the next chord
  6. Create on Intro (hint – last 4 measure chord structure – you even throw in the melody for the soloist!)
  7. Create an ending (hint – repeat last 4 measure chord structure – good place to grab the melody as well)
  8. This accompaniment style – can easily turn these songs into duets.

Look at this Trio – and for the 3rd accordion – take the chords and rock – then – roll them!

Link – Theme to “Godfather”

Link – I Can’t Stop Loving You- DEMO Fills

ALSO – I have a great example of HOW TO BUILD an arrangement – attached to I Can’t Help Loving You – Please search for it in Nov.