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Counting – Intro to 16th Notes

You MUST have a solid knowledge of counting 8th notes before you move onto 16th notes. REMEMBER how hard it was to SANDWICH that 8th note IN-BETWEEN the the Bass and the chord!!!

SOOOOO – please make sure you have completed and understand these links first – before continuing this exercise: (Search COUNTING)

Counting Syllables-Eastman

Counting – Intro to 8th Notes

Let’s start with a quick review of counting 8th notes. Link – 8th Note Counting Drill –  Please PRINT this and LABEL all the counts. Remember – you are SPEAKING the count – 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – and when there is an 8th note – you are SPEAKING te  – so you will say – 1 – te – 2 – te – etc.

  • Every count – can be divided by 2 – which makes the 8th notes
  • Every count can be divided by 4 – which makes the 16th notes
  • Every count can be divided by 3 – but we will address that later (triplet)

NOW instead of having to keep track of 1 or 2 notes per count – we have to FIGURE out how and when to play 4 notes per count!!!! WHEW!!!!

IT IS SIMPLE – here is where we will start. Think of a ruler. The distance of an INCH – will represent the duration of “1 COUNT”. At the beginning of the INCH – we say the COUNT – like 1 or 2 or 3. Then at the 1/2 INCH mark – we say the “TE”. (Pronounced TAY – Like HAY)

NOW – this same ruler has 1/4 INCH marks – there are two of them – one is half way between the 1 and the 1/2 mark and the other is half way between the 1/2 mark and the end of the INCH. At each of these 1/4 INCH marks – we say the “TA” (Pronounced Taugh – Like “taw”)

  • SOOO the Inch will look like this – 1 – ti – te – ta – (2)
  • If I have four 16th notes in a row – I will SEE an SPEAK evenly – 1 ti te ta.
  • If I have an 8th note followed by two 16th notes – I will still SEE the 1 ti te ta – but I will SPEAK – 1  (-)  te  ta.
  • If I have two 16th notes followed by an 8th note – I will still SEE the 1 ti te ta – but I will SPEAK – 1 ti  te  (-).

Link – 16th Note Counting Exercise

Now – play these slow songs that have 16th notes in them:

  1. Something (Beatles) (level 5 solo) Also Duet
  2. Can You Read My Mind (Love Theme from Superman) ALSO has Counting Exercise
  3. My Girl