German Music Notation

If you ever find yourself with music that is transcribed in German or from Germany – here is a translation of their method of notating (accordion) music.

Hope this helps. I still get confused with H and with Large C and small C!!!!!

German bass notation

  • E = single E (counter)
  • C = single C (fundamental)
  • c = chord C (major chord)
  • cm = chord Cm (minor chord)
  • c7 = chord C7 (7th chord)
  • cv = chord Cdim (diminished chord)

German sharp (#) and flat (b) notation

  • is instead of # and es instead of b
  • samples: Cis=C#, Gis=G#, Ces=Cb, Ges=Gb
  • exceptions: H=B, B=Bb, Es=Eb, As=Ab