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Learn to Accompany Latin Style Bass

Review the Latin Bass Introduction (Level 1)

Review – Chord Chart – Key of F (Dm) – Link – Chord Positions All Keys

Sincerely – I broke my own RULE – I did NOT write this out with 5th finger on F. INSTEAD – I PUT thumb on F (the Key). ALL the chords are within 1 note up or down from this position! SOOO Let’s get comfortable with this position.

M.A.S.H is actually in the Key of Dm. We have not covered the theory behind minor keys yet. Just one quick note here – all the chords in this song are STILL on the FM line in the chart! (Dm is the relative Minor of FM) – the song just ends on the vi chord or 6th (of F Major Scale). In reviewing the song there is only one chord – D7 – that is not shown on the chart within this key.


  • Play F Scale 2 octaves – Scale Fingering Rule – 1234-123
    • Role the Arpeggios & Block the FM Chord (with thumb on F)
  • Practice the entire F Major Line on the Chart – But Put TOP NOTE on the bottom!!!
  • Locate the D7 Chord (line above on the GM line)
  • Practice Changing through these Chords
  • NOW – OPEN and practice M.A.S.H Theme-Accomp Exercise (2nd)
    • DO NOT LOOK AT WHAT I WROTE – RH – HOLD and Play Chords only (Follow the name of the chord in the Left Hand)
    • I am using Block & Rolling ChordsChord Rhythm matches bass style
    • I was DIRTY – I DID NOT WRITE IT ALL OUT – PLAY and fill in the blanks!!!!

Now – open the solo – M.A.S.H. Theme and add in some of these chords and runs or grab a friend and Play with the Solo part.

NOW – Pull Yellow Bird – Back out – and PLAY THE ACCOMPANIMENT – on your own (Same Key)

Level 4 – Let’s PUSH a little.

This selection is in Eb Major. Follow the steps above for the Key of Eb.

OPEN only the solo and follow the chords – and add Latin Bass and Latin Accompaniment. Otherwise – check how you did. (the chords in this arrangement is with Thumb on Eb)

  1. It’s Now or Never (Solo) 1960
  2. It’s Now or Never accordion 2 (Duet)
  3. It’s Now or Never accordion 3 (Trio) (accompaniment)