Intro to Ear Training – Chord Progressions Intro

NOW – DON”T PANIC ON ME  – – – – – In the past 2 lessons – we have already started your ear training – even if you did not realize it! CHORD changes is the easiest place to start. SOOOO – here we go….

#! REASON for learning this – IF YOU CAN HEAR WHEN a chord is going to change – it will help you in ALL YOUR SOLOS – even after you have learned them!!!!

If you have not already – please see the articles I have posted on Ear Training. This is the MOST NEGLECTED Music Theory taught – either in books or by teachers. There are 3 elements to Ear Training – 1) CHORD STRUCTURE 2) NOTE COUNTING 3) ACTUAL NOTES (Intervals)

Grab a pencil and print the exercises and songs below. Listen (don’t look!) to these simple 2 or 3 chord songs in the key of C or F Major. (only notate 1 verse – no need to do repeats – though you can write “repeat”)

These links – are video – I found I can’t load mp3 files in this blog format SOO – the Nov. 2014 Email notification has 3 Backtracks attached – Jambalaya, Sunshine, & Ob-ba-di. If you did not get them – please email me.

  1. Link – Key of C – Jambalayahttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RiG1QaIKQQ
  2. Link – Key of F – You Are My Sunshinehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u57FtsABio8

For #2 & #3- use your accordion:

  1. Open and print – Jambalaya Ear Training – Chords and You Are My Sunshine Ear Training Chords
  2. Listen FIRST – to Establish the Key – what chord does it start on or end on? (pock at your basses until you hear a match!)
  3. Play the 3 chords – that go with that key – to get it in your ear – Link – Chord Positions All Keys
  4. Listen completely to the song again – the 2nd time
  5. 3rd time – write the name of the chord between the bar lines in the bass clef – like – |  CM  |  FM  | etc. IF for any reason the chord changes during the measure – write it this way – | CM/G7 | (Again – you can CHEAT – POCK at your basses!)
  6. 4th trip – verify your chord names – NOW grab your accordion and PLAY these chords along with the song – maybe go ahead and do a rhythm to the basses.

Now check your EAR. How did you do?

  1. Link – Sheet MusicJambalaya Both Hands Key of C
  2. Link – Sheet Music – You Are My Sunshine KEY F 

Intro to Ear Training – Counting

Please go back now and MAKE SURE – you understand the exercises from October – INTRO to Counting and Counting – Syncopation.

NOW – we will repeat LISTENING to Jambalaya and Sunshine – this time for the COUNTS

  1. Open and print – Jambalaya Ear Training Counting and You Are My Sunshine Ear Training Chords
  2. Start Jambalaya video and let it run for only a few measures. Clap the BEATS first – then Clap the notes. Do not leave these 2 measures until you are comfortable that you have written the proper counts between each bar. i.e. 3 4 | 1  3 4 | 1  3 4 | 1 2    | – only write the number – when the note STARTS (there are no 8th notes in these two songs!)
  3. After only 8 measures – open the written song and check yourself. HOW ARE YOU DOING? NOT SO GOOD? ABOUT 50%??? GOOD. You have started!!!!! that is all that counts
  4. NOW go to Sunshine and try the first 8 measures. Then check yourself.

Watch Lesson Video for Ob-La Di Ob-La-Da – http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/54744099

  1. Open and print – Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da Ear Training
  2. Not much there – is there!! he he! Now listen to the Video above and first fill in the chords (the key signature tells you the key)
  3. THEN – fill in the counts.
  4. Check your work – Ob-La-Di Ob-La Da Level 1


NOW – go find a simple tune – and write it out yourself! I am NO WHERE NEAR asking you to write in the notes – we are starting simple – GET THE CHORDS – GET THE COUNTS – you are 2/3rds there!!!!

December & January Lessons – We will move away from chords and ear training and start to work on Dexterity and Technique!