Learn to Roll your Chords – This will add to your Accompanying Skills

If you have successfully learned the prior 3 drills – Scaling for Comping, Blocking for Comping, and Rocking for Comping – YOU ARE NOW READY for ROLLING for Comping. (Please search for these exercises and start there)

I have listed this UNDER DUETS/TRIOS – because – YOU CAN CREATE YOUR OWN DUET – with these songs!

The Blocking and Rocking techniques already learned are a bit HEAVY in sound. Now let’s get a little more LIGHTER – and airy! The exercise here is only in 4/4 – but please practice in ¾ as well.

You SHOULD now really be feeling comfortable with the chords and hand positions – now let’s start to break them up. I am also doing a new chord progression structure. Notice that at the end of each line – I am still using the 7th chord that leads to the next line’s Key!

PRINT and PRACTICERolling for Comping

Practice each LINE INDEPENDENTLY (leave off the last 2 counts) – then practice progressing to the next key.

  1. Practice one measure at a time – over and over without stopping
  2. Follow the fingering rules (Pinky on Top)
  3. Visualize – the CHORD – SEE the chord notes IN THE RUNS!!!!!
  4. Each line is a new key – with the 3 main chords in that key
  5. ALSO watch out for the last two counts – I am still showing how to use the 7th chord of the key that follows on the next line – as a lead in chord
  6. Each line introduces a new method of playing your chords in a rocking fashion
  7. Now – In Each Key – follow the changing rhythms – but stay in the same key!
  8. All White note keys are demonstrated (I use the Bb this time!) – NOW GO DO THE BLACK NOTE KEYS

NOW WHAT DO I DO???? Let’s do a few songs using the Rolling Accompaniment!

HERE is how you get started:

Look at these songs: Link – Jambalaya Key of C and Link – You Are My Sunshine Key of F

  1. Look at the left hand chords only
  2. Play the rolling style accompaniment for as many measures as that chord is played
  3. Change smoothly to the next chord
  4. Start by holding the proper chord the entire length that the chord goes (i.e. 4 measures)
  5. Then as you get BORED with one style of rolling – switch to another.
  6. I have also given you COMPLETED Rolling examples (Can be played as Duet)

Link – Jambalaya Rolling Exercise

Link – You Are My Sunshine Rolling Exercise

Link – Katherine’s Waltz This is a great little tune with Rolling Chords

There are plenty of song you can add TRIPLE ROLLS – under the melody Line – especially French Songs. Here is an example:

Link – Lady of Spain Lead Line and Link – Lady of Spain with triple fills