Solos – Level 1-2

Here is a list of simple tunes – that are tons of fun to play and even greater ADDITIONS to your musical library.

I will give you these – on ONE CONDITION! You will practice CHORDS ONLY FIRST. THEN SIGHT READ IT (COLD – DON’T STOP) Please review Blocking Chords for Comping

  1. 1 De Colores
  2. 1 Sleep, Sleep (Du, Du, Liegst Mir Im Hersen)
  3. 2 This Land Is Your Land
  4. 3 Wearing of the Green
  5. Rocky Top
  6. 5 Hofbrauhaus
  7. 5 The Wild Colonial Boy G
  8. 5 Wings of a Dove

PS – the number before is the Palmer & Hughes Lesson Book 2 sessions – training you will find in Beginners Link. Please check it out – each session has great scale and technique work – designed for the level 1-2 player.