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I found a get website – with really FUN articles – links to videos – all ACCORDION. PLEASE ENJOY! Here is one of the articles.

Link – http://accordionamericana.com/2014/07/21/ten-things-you-can-do-to-promote-the-accordion/

By Christa T. O’Neill for Accordion Americana

Here is an excerpt from this post – please click above to see the entire article.

3)    Practice so that you can play well and your bellows action is smooth. Do a quick introduction, get into the piece quickly, take your time with it to play it well, and end it smoothly. The piece should be arranged and appropriate for the accordion, for you and for the setting.  Put a great deal of thought and care into how you present yourself. Smile. Play your piece from memory, not sheet music or an i pad. Time each piece so you know how long you will need to be on stage.

4)    Play music that is special to you and it will be special to your audience. Song choice is incredibly important. Don’t feel you have to play “everything” then just play passably or even badly. Choose a musical genre and play it well. Don’t succumb to demands to “play a polka” if you can’t play them well. To those that try to heckle you because they think they can, just smile.


Here is the note I got back from Christa – when I asked permission to share her website posting.

I didn’t mean for it to  sound snarky, but these were some of the things that I noticed throughout the years about other accordion players, I wanted to point out some things that my own accordion teacher told me never to do or to do. I need to add two things that I know she would never approve of: showing up with the sheet music and the stand or WORSE, showing up with an IPad, and keep staring at it the whole time you are playing. What? That is not a performance. I can just hear her! Good luck with your blog! Let me know how it goes. Thanks. Christa T.


I agree with Christa – on playing without MUSIC – BUT – when I have to play a house party (where I have no idea what they will request) or a 4 hour restaurant gig – I need my music. YES – I will mix it up – play 2 songs – Without the music – I actually will step from behind the stand – or JUST LOOK UP THE ENTIRE TIME – then play 1 with the music. (Still LOOKING UP and ENJOYING THE AUDIENCE – when I can)

You can also – do a STAGING STUNT – to avoid HIDING behind the stand – PUT your Stand to YOUR LEFT – turn and face it – this gives the audience a FULL view of you and your RIGHT HAND. (Face full forward when playing by memory)