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Listen, Listen, Listen,  to HEAR what to Comp!

We are so blessed to have YOU TUBE! I remember having to purchase the album or 45 record and I would wear out needles and destroy records – listening to the song, learning the key and notes and writing out the arrangements! I even managed to wear out cassette tapes the same way! NOW – either with a CD in my computer or You Tube – I can just stop and slide back SOOO EASY!!!

I get so many compliments about my arrangements! AND here is why – I LISTEN to the original recording – then I go and listen to the most recently recorded version. Best example is a Christmas Song – I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus. It was originally done in the 1950s – and then redone by Michael Jackson – the arrangements are WAY DIFFERENT. I chose to write the Michael Jackson Version – because that is the one MOST PEOPLE remember. Then there are times I go with the original – because it is PURE and unchanged!!!

SOO – here we go……. 3 NEW SONGS!

REMEMBER – to really learn each song – you need to HEAR it in your HEART!!! FEEL IT!!! UNDERSTAND HOW the original artist inspired us with the song.

I will take each of the following songs and walk you through how to HEAR FIRST – then how to play it! Click the link to the You Tube recording – and then READ MY NOTES BELOW as you LISTEN.

Desperado by The Eagles – 1974

  1. Listen to several versions – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iDNtqy0zjJA
  2. If you heard only the intro – could you name the song?? YEEEESSSSS – so you MUST learn to COPY that intro!
  3. Do you hear simple block chords??? under the vocal – this can be done easily with your left hand!
  4. Do you hear simple long block chords being held by the strings? AND the piano chords continue.
  5. Did you HEAR the simple chords change to a cool rhythm – with the help of adding drums? Now can your basses do that? NOW SCROLL BACKWARDS – were there drums earlier?? NOOO Drums only come in on the Chorus!
  6. THEN there is a chorus of VOCALS- holding MORE chords along with the strings
  7. WATCH the ending – real quiet and simple! (at least they have an ending – not a fade out!)

Desperado level 3.5

Love is Blue

  1. Listen to Paul Mariot’s Orchestra – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6D4ps_sS-s
  2. AGAIN – another song that can be NAMED in the first few bars!
  3. There is a lot going on here – great runs under the simple melody line – but HOW DO YOU GRAB those – it is REQUIRED – to make the song sound right
  4. ON the Bridge – listen to the trumpets change the style.
  5. We might not be able to GRAB all that is going on – but we can come close!

Hey Jude

  1. Listen  – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eDdI7GhZSQA
  2. Simply starts with vocal and piano – Block (then rocking) chords
  3. 2nd verse (SAME AS THE FIRST) – but adds tambourine and guitar on chords
  4. THEN going to the bridge – there is an almost 2 measure KICK – drums and chords!
  5. NOW – do you hear the SAME LONG CHORDS done by vocals??? We can do this by HOLDING chords UNDER the melody line! (or in some cases – hold our LH CHORD and keeping the bass moving!)
  6. AND then there is the FAMOUS – NA  NA-NA   NA-NA-NA-NA! (you just sang it didn’t you!!!)
  7. AND YET ANOTHER FADE OUT! How did they ever end it ON STAGE???
  8. Here is the Answerhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CVJMhnPzhts – and why you listen to more than one version!
  9. Paul ends on HEYYYY  JUDE – with a neat chord – I need to add that!!!

What started the Accordion Blog was the need for we accordionists to have plenty of songs from the 60’s & 70’s to play – especially for our aging population – and especially ones that everyone will sing along with. SOOO even if you can’t sing – you can get the NA  NA-NA   NA-NA-NA-NA! going with a sing-a-long at the end!