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Tino Jeschek – Accordionist – Composer

WOW – I found several fantastic accordion arrangements – and want to share them with you. Here is a SOLO, a DUET, and an ENSEMBLE all written by Tino Jeschek. ZAZA Rumba is REALLY CATCHY – I am going to try to convert it to a duet for me and my duet partner!!!!! AND the duet – Gaelic Waltz is SOOO Romantic! If you know a flute or viola or violin player – WOW – or just do an Accordion duet on it. THEN the solo – Fuss & Feathers – reminds me of The Entertainer!!! Really easy Rag Time Beat!!! I think Tino just arranged this one.

From his website – there are many more solos and duets – please go try them out.

His website is: http://www.accordionmusic.de/   If you wish to contact Tino – direct – Email – accordion@gmx.de

Note form Tino – I wish everybody a lot of fun with my music. If you record  one of my tunes, I would be very pleased if you send a MP3 to me.

ZAZA Rumba (Level 3 – with good technique)

This is written – for 4 accordions and a bass accordion player. You could substitute a bass player or have an accordionist ONLY PLAY BASS.

Please listen to the performance and follow the score – it is a basically very simple tune with great technique (dexterity). There is a good amount of COUNTING that will hit the 1/2 of the count in a lot of the sections. – REVIEW THE 8th NOTE COUNTING exercises!)

Gaelic Waltz – Duet (Level 2)

Link – Gaelic Waltz Duet

Fuss and Feathers (Level 4)

Link – Fuss and Feathers

I am calling this a level 4 – but it really is a 3.5!!!!. It looks hard – BUT – if you can SEE 4 counts in each measure (the beat is the 8th note) then it flows pretty easily! Even the bass solos are level 2!!