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Chords in Key of F – Galway Bay

I know – don’t grump – but it’s time to move to another key signature. This is a simple tune with simple chord changes.  There are minor chords and m7th chords in this exercise – BUT I am using ONLY 3 notes to make the these chords. I am making sure that these 3 notes are easily moved to and contain the at least the ONE NOTE that makes the chord uniquely the chord asked for. (So sometimes the “5” or “1” tone of the scale is left out)

Common Chords found in Key of F

  • F Major Chord – 1 – 3 – 5 (F A C) (I Chord)
  • Bb Major Chord – 1 – 3 – 5 (Bb D F) (IV Chord)
  • C 7th Chord – 1 – 3 – 7b (C E Bb) (V7 Chord)

Additional chords found in Galway Bay

  • G Minor Chord – 1 3b – 5 (G Bb D) (ii Chord)
  • G Minor 7th Chord – 3b – 5 – 7b (Bb D F) (ii7 Chord)
  • D 7th Chord – 1 – 3 – 7b (C D F#) (VI7 Chord)

There are many positions to play these chords in – but for simplicity ALWAYS – Please PUT YOUR 5th finger on the Key of the song – in this case – F and run through these lines in the exercise.

Galway Bay Key of F Chords

LEARN the chords in this hand position. Line 3-4-5 of the exercise exactly match the changes in the song – NOW MATCH the chord with the chord changes in the rest of the solo and PLAY CHORD and simple runs or arpeggios based on the chords. (INSTANT DUET!)

This is a lead line version of the song. Play the basses (Bass Chord Bass Chord) – on each beat and don’t forget to alternate (alternate first on 7th chords). If you see a chord with more than one symbol – READ THE 1st Symbol.

Galway Bay simple lead

Now that you know the notes that make each chord – try adding at least two of these notes BELOW the melody line. NOW you have an arrangement where YOU ADDED FILLS and CHORDS.