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Bass Playing – Moving between Basses

I have so many students – really stumbling when it comes to moving between their basses – especially – when there is a 1 or 2 button jump. OR when they have to change theur hand position for 3 on bass to 4 on bass. AND HEAVEN FORBID – when you have to put your 5th finger on a bass with a minor chord  – 3 rows away!

ALSO – there are 2 schools of fingering for the left hand. I support both – BUT RECOMMEND the one demonstrated in the video below.

I hope these hints will help.

  1. NEVER let your fingers leave the surface of the button. (CRAZY GLUE!!!)
  2. Review – Intro to Playing Basses on the Accordion – and pay attention to the finger-hand-arm position for your left hand
  3. When jumping to another bass – whether NEXT DOOR or 2 or more away – ALWAYS TOUCH EVERY BUTTON IN-BETWEEN – RUFFLE over every button while in route!!! COUNT THEM! After a 4 hour gig – my left hand finger-tips are tender – from all the ruffling across bass buttons!
  4. REMEMBER – in the bass clef – you are playing a quarter note like it is an 8th note followed by an 8th note rest – SOOOOO you have an ENTIRE HALF of a count to MOVE!
  5. Practice bass line only FIRST. HOLD the BASS AND CHORD together – then move to next bass and HOLD IT WITH IT’S CHORD. This will put BOTH your fingers automatically – in the proper position – for 7th, for minor, for major, or for goofy 5th finger to a minor bass.
  6. Your accordion should have the Ab – C – E – marked. This is 4 above and 4 below C. If you don’t – take a paper clip – heat it up and scratch across the Ab and E buttons – to rough them up – so can feel it. You might want to hold the button in place with needle nose pliers. Some even glue a flat back rhinestone to the two.

Review – Basic Accordion Bass Playing Examples

Review – Bass Chromatic Scale and Exercises

Link – Dream a Little Dream of Me arr by Shelia

I searched through all the arrangements I have posted to this site – and this one seems to have the HARDEST JUMPS between basses. SOOOO – Let’s Walk the bass changes in this solo together!

SEE VIDEO – will post shortly