El Condor Pasa – 1970 Simon & Garfunkel

This is a fantastic solo – level 1.5

Please use great dynamics and bellow phrasing – MAKE it a GOOSE-BUMP performance.

Link – El Condor Pasa

LINK – Vidow – http://www.linkonardo.com/en/accordion/d5066/accordion-duo-el-condor-pasa-video.html

About the song:

Spanish for “The Condor Passes – by the Peruvian composer Daniel Alomía Robles, written in 1913.

In 1970, the Simon & Garfunkel duet covered the Los Incas’ version adding some lyrics in English written by Simon under the name El Condor Pasa (If I Could), included in the album Bridge Over Troubled Water.

In 2004, Peru declared this song as part of the national cultural heritage. The song’s opening and the song proper are played multiple times during the 2014 movie Wild.