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Lesson #5 – Dexterity & Finger Articulation

Sincerely – I should JUST SAY – SEE LESSON #4 – because – the month of December – I am sure YOU DID NOT cover all the material there!!!!  AH-HA – Caught YA!!!!

So I will take it easy on you this month. AGAIN – PLEASE see Lesson #4 – and please be very comfortable with it – before tackling this one.

I have taken a simple Hannon Exercise and put it in KEYS and actually added rhythm! Much like you will encounter in REAL MUSIC!!

General RULE – in Runs – 4th finger on top BLACK NOTE and Thumb on bottom on BLACK NOTE

Start SLOW and EVEN – Use the Technique styles notated –

NOW – I have repeated #4 and #7 drills and this time I included rhythm!. Once you get the style down – go and do the Key of F and G – in the same counting style!

Now try the last two sections of variations on Minka:


  1. Play 3 fun tunes (pick 3 from your personal Play List)
  2. Run some scales and exercises – put lesson #4 & #7 this HANON!!
  3. Spend 1/2 of practice time on WORKING SONGS (Lessons)
  4. Sight Read ONE NEW SONG (follow Sight Reading Rules – no stops for boo-boo)
  5. Play 3 fun tunes (pick 3 MORE from your personal Play List)

This outline – WORKS. It keeps 6 solos a day – up to SPEED. This is 6 songs x 7 days = 42 SOLOS!!!! and who cares how easy these are!!!! AND remember this month – I am introducing the PLAY LIST LINK – so use the list to enhance your repertoire! (I am so glad I have spell check – I can never spell repertoire!!!!)