Listen Listen Listen – more SONGS

I sincerely hope that you REALLY did PART 1 – and TURNED YOUR EARS ON! We will continue with 2 more songs. Click the link to listen to the song – AS YOU FOLLOW MY NOTES.

I Write the Songs – 1977

(Grammy Award for Song of the Year and was nominated for Record of the Year in 1977)

  1. Listen to several versions – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95dKsLZXygk
  2. Did you hear that fantastic INTRO – You could play a game – of NAME THAT TUNE and from the intro ALONE – the song would be guessed!
  3. Listen to the piano in the first verse – rolling & blocking chords! & little end of phrase fills
  4. WOW – the intro theme is repeated before it returns to 2nd verse. (this is NOT notated on published arrangements!)
  5. The second verse has fantastic VOCAL chords – holding with a styled rhythm that can be done in the basses.
  6. 3rd verse – the strings – do some fantastic flowing sustained chords!
  7. There is a cool rhythm changed too on the bridge – great place for a bass style change! I love the little trumpet fills!
  8. THEN THERE IS THE BIG KEY CHANGE!!!! A MUST FOR this song! (there is really another key change – but you could slide past that one!)
  9. The song is at it’s fullest – here at the key change! STRINGS – CHORUS – Rhythm!!
  10. Listen for the instrumental RECAP!!! at the end!
  11. ONE BIG BEEF I have – too many songs JUST FADE OUT. We can’t do that!!! We have to have an ending!!!! SO in this case – just FINISH that little instruments theme and end it.

I Write the Songs (Search) link – http://wp.me/pD2eD-pv

It’s My Party – 1963

  1. Listen to Leslie Gore – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XsYJyVEUaC4
  2. True – BUBBLE GUM ROCK – but great style to learn comping!
  3. There is a term called “KICK” – and that is when the music or the drummer does a LEAD IN – into the next section – Listen for them – chords or rhythm are used to KICK the music forward – at the end of a phrase.
  4. At the instrumental break – you hear those SAME LONG CHORDS from the vocals – like from “I Write the Songs” – now how do you PLAY THEM??? (I did not write out the instrumental BREAK – I WANT YOU TO DO IT!!!!
  5. WELL – here we go again – another FADE OUT! A game you can play in this case – is recap the last 4 measure or last theme – about 3 times – then end! (“You would cry too if it happened to you – You would cry too if it happened to you”)

Link – It’s My Party

In 1963, American singer Lesley Gore’s version hit #1 on the pop and rhythm and blues charts in the United States. It was the first hit single for producer Quincy Jones.