Welcome to the NEW YEAR. Did you make any resolutions? Was Accordion practice one of them? I have started a PLAY LIST Category (replaces Christmas Link) and alot of the songs on the first list – are level 1 & 2 – please check out that link too.

A few of these songs are written in LEAD LINE style. This means only the Right Hand Notes are written and your basses are CUES above the line. When it says a letter like C – Play CM bass. You will continue to play that bass until there is a new cue.

If there are MULTIPLE letters or numbers after Bass name – READ THE FIRST ONE ONLY! EXAMPLE – CM7 – PLAY CM, Dm7 – play Dm etc.

If it is in 4/4 time – play bass chord bass chord. If in 3/4 time – play bass chord chord.

I want to get you used to using lead line music – because – THEN you can play from published music (not particularly for accordion) – as long as it has the Cues. The music will say Chord Cues or Guitar Cues added.

This list this month is driven by the NEW PLAY LIST Categories! I am concentrating on giving you a well rounded repertoire.

  1. 13 Beer Barrel Polka Chorus wChords (PH 2 Session 13)
  2. 13 Ein Prosit (PH 2 Session 13)
  3. Julida PolkaChorus w_words (PH 2 Session 13)
  4. Edelweiss (F Match BG)
  5. Hofbrauhaus
  6. Chicken Dance
  7. Just Because
  8. Too Fat Polka
  9. Die Holzauktion Rheinlander
  10. 16 Anchors Aweigh (Patriotic) (PH 2 Session 17)
  11. Blue Danube (PH 2 Session 17)
  12. 16 Danny Boy (Irish) (PH 2 Session 17)
  13. 16 Do Lord (Sacred) (PH 2 Session 17)
  14. Hava Nagila (Jewish) (PH 2 Session 14)
  15. 16 Kumbaya My Lord (Sacred) (PH 2 Session 16)
  16. Lonely Accordion arr by Shelia (Russian) (PH 2 Session 15)
  17. Minka (Eastern Europe) (PH 2 Session 14)
  18. El Condor Pasa (Peru)

* the number in front of the name – is the session from Palmer & Hughes BOOK 2 that it is taught with – please go check out the lessons that go with that song!

Here is a link to a beautiful video for Lonely Accordion – same key as written. Performer almost makes it sound like French Musette! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22P4WfkHInI