75th Anniversary ATG Festival Orchestra

I have room reservation. I have my air line reservation – I WILL BE IN CHICAGO! AND I will be playing with the Festival Orchestra. Come and join me!

The 2015 Accordionists and Teachers Guild 75th Anniversary Festival begins on the evening of Wednesday, July 22, and runs through the evening of Saturday, July 25, in Lisle, IL (Chicago). There will be Concerts, Exhibits, Workshops, Demonstrations, Jam Sessions and Competitions at all levels. The ATG is a non-profit educational organization devoted to the accordion. It is for all accordionists, young and old, not just teachers or professionals! You will have a good time at the Festival. Details are being added to the website almost daily!

Plan NOW to take part in this very special orchestra!

This year, because of the special 75th Anniversary Celebration, the ATG is happy to present a Festival Orchestra with at least one member from every state in the union as well as all of its many friends from Canada, Austria, China, and other countries. The repertoire will include an exciting new Stas Venglevski composition, RONDO-FANTASY, featuring the composer as soloist, and the world-famous and very well-known standard orchestral piece, THE MOLDAU by Bedřich (Friedrich) Smetana, as arranged by ATG founder Emeritus President Anthony Galla-Rini, who truly pioneered the art of symphonic arrangements for accordion orchestra, plus one other short selection. There will be a part for YOU in every piece!

Remember this is the ATG’s 75th Anniversary Celebration and YOU will want to be performing with the Festival Orchestra as it opens the Gala Saturday Evening Final Concert. Help ATG find players from every state. Let ATG show there are accordionists all over the USA. Be the first to sign up from YOUR state! Send a message now to: sommersj@umkc.edu   Let her begin planning your parts right now. Which state will have the most members represented? How many accordionists do YOU know in YOUR state? ATG President has promised that the earlier YOU REGISTER and sign up to play in the Festival Orchestra, the earlier you will receive your special orchestra parts to begin learning your parts.

Let ATG know that YOU will be there to help make the 75th Anniversary Celebration a magnificent music experience for every attendee!

For complete information regarding the ATG 75th Anniversary Festival, please see: