Accompaniment Exercise – Key of G – Rolling Chords

I KNOW – I KNOW – here is another exercise on PLAYING CHORDS and accompaniment skills. If I hammer it long enough – you will FINALLY SEE that this is really EXTREMELY EASY!!!!

Since this drill if for the Key of G – Let’s review. Open this link and locate all the chords for the following songs.

Chord Positions All Keys

Open this song and Play CHORDS ONLY – Block – in rhythmic patterns and rolling.

NOW – that you have gotten your chords for the Key of G – UNDER YOUR HAND – Open this next file and NO NOT WRITE THE NOTES IN -continue the rolling pattern and Block and Rolling Patterns that are started for you

When you have a simple tune that gets BORING after playing it 2 or 3 times – try changing the key. Now – Play the chords ONLY for Don’t Be Cruel – in Both keys. AND then practice changing keys. Do You remember how to MODULATE between keys?

  1. Simple – Play the 7th chord that belongs to the NEW KEY – on the last two counts of the first song.
  2. More Advanced – If you are going to the Key of G – THINK Key of G ONLY – after you have only played the first 2 counts in the last measure of the 1st song – NOW on COUNT 3-4 – HOLD Em both hands – then on the first two counts of an added measure – HOLD Am both hands – then on count 3-4 HOLD D7 both hands. This will position you to be on the GM chord to start the next song or the song in the Key of G now.

Finally – this song changes between chords pretty fast – but at least they are the same chords over and over. Have fun!!!

Take your skills and do the Key of G in 3/4 time.

Now go back and SING the melody and accompany yourself!