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Song List Feb. 2015

WOW – have I been busy again. I have had to THINK – Love Songs – to get you ready for Valentines Day – IRISH – to get you ready for Saint Patrick’s Day – AND I am busy writing NEW arrangements for my Jam Collection Series and a NEW DUET Book – to take with me to the National Accordion Convention in March this year in Dallas TX area.

If you have not already noticed – I have been SNEAKING songs onto the Play List Page – all month. ALSO – please go to these pages and look at the new songs listed. SOO – if the song is not linked here – please SEARCH for it in February’s archives. If it is RED – it is a live link.

Duets / Ensembles – 8 New Songs

  1. You Raised Me Up (2003 – Irish – Full Ensemble)
  2. Down By the Sally Garden (Irish – Full Ensemble)
  3. Oye Como Va (Santana – 1970 Full Ensemble)
  4. Por una Cabeza – (Tango – Solo/Duet)
  5. Danny Boy (Irish – Solo/Duet/Trio)
  6. Sunrise Sunset (Love) – Solo/Duet/Trio
  7. NE Accordion Festival (Many Ensemble Arrangements)
  8. (NAA) National Accordion Association (Many Ensemble Arrangements)
  9. Happy (4 part ensemble + opt. Bass Accordion)

Then check out the new songs added to these pages:

  • Hits of the 60’s & 70’s – 9 new Songs
  • Hits of the 80’s & 90’s – 4 new Songs
  • Play Lists – 15 new Songs