This article is from a SPEECH Coach – BUT WOW – there are so many great tips that can help you while PERFORMING on Stage or in front of an audience. AND this is a list that I use with my students.

At my music studio – we have a monthly JAM or open mic night – and the students have to play solo and with other students – with a live band – that they have not rehearsed with. This is where we address #2 – #4 – #7 – #11 – #15 AND especially #35!!!! etc.

  1. Set an end time for your fear
  2. Talk to the audience as friends
  3. Take it easy / Don’t take it easy
  4. Know your stuff
  5. Stretch
  6. Loose yourself in the material
  7. Practice in front of an audience
  8. Be at the venue with enough time to spare
  9. Mental practice
  10. Use your imagination
  11. When things go wrong
  12. Eat a banana
  13. Do something different
  14. Be Comfortable with who you are
  15. Don’t rush it
  16. Never apologize for being nervous
  17. Get through the first 5 minutes
  18. Stop stressing about whether the audience will like you

35. We all make mistakes

And many more great tips and how to work through  or USE your nervousness.

Link – 35-tips-to-overcome-stage-fright