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Welcome to the Key of Eb (flat)

I know you pretty well by now – if you see more than 2 sharps or 2 flats in the key signature – YOU DON”T EVEN TRY THE SONG!!

So – each month I will pick a new key – and show you how to get “centered” in the key – so you are comfortable. There are several TRICKS that help you when you hit songs with multiple sharps and flats in the key. Here are a FEW – and these can be applied to all keys.

  1. Learn and play the scale several times before playing the song
  2. Learn and play ALL the Chords that are likely to appear in that key
  3. And remember the fingering rule for black notes – AVOID the 5 on the TOP for a black note – use 4 instead – and TRY TO AVOID a thumb on a black note – but it is do-able! The only time 5 on top on a black note is okay – is if your thumb is on the lower octave!
  4. Immerse yourself with several songs in that key.

Now try out your Eb Skills – – – – – –

Trio in Eb

Listen to Shelia Perform this Solo Arrangementhttps://myspace.com/shelialee/music/song/it-s-now-or-never-4261265-4239599