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American Emblem – 1923

I am writing this arrangement out – because it has a fantastic BASS SOLO!!! There are not enough songs that can feature a GOOD Bass Solo. AND the Trio goes to the Key of Eb – the Key of the Month!!! (see – Welcome to the Key of Eb)

This is a great exercise – in counter-basses – below Bb

Also – this is copyright FREE – so the accordion clubs can publish it in their newsletters!! Also notice that the composer also wrote Repasz Band! – In Palmer & Hughes lesson BK 6. I would call it a LEVEL 3

Link – American Emblem March

Harry James Lincoln (b 1878 Shamokin, Pennsylvania; d. 1937 Philadelphia) was a music composer from Williamsport, Pennsylvania. Aside from running his own publication company, he wrote many marches and rags, such as the Bees Wax Rag (1911), the Lincoln Highway two step march (1921), and quite possibly the Repasz Band March (1901). This last composition, created for the local Repasz Band (now the oldest brass band still in existence), has also been said to be composed by its trombonist Charles C. Sweeley; however, evidence indicates that Sweeley had bought rights to the march from Lincoln.