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Lead Line Music – How to Play

There is a world of music out there – that you all need to learn to read from. It is called LEAD LINE – which means only the melody note with the Guitar Cues are written. The guitar cues (names above the staff) tell you which left hand basses and chords to play. You will play that named bass until it tells you to change.

If you can SEE (in your head) your counts – or where to place your bass and chord notes – so that they align with the melody note – you can now pick up music ANYWHERE – and play your favorite songs.

Here are some examples – Print the song out – then follow the exercise. These are all in 4/4 meter. The same examples will apply to 3/4.

Link – Lead Line Exercise

I feel confident now that you can purchase a music book – that is NOT ACCORDION. Just remember to ALWAYS – look for the term GUITAR CUES. This will insure that you know what to play for the left hand.

Another reason for writing arrangements out in lead line fashion – is to save space on the page – a 4 page song can be reduced to sometimes – 1 page!!!