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Solos – Level 1-2 – March 2015

I had such a great response from you all – about the nice arrangements and the BIG NOTES! Thank You.

Many of these songs are DELIBERATELY – done in lead line style (no accordion basses written in) – so that I can encourage you to start to learn how to read from this style music – please see this month’s exercise – Lead Line Music – How to Play – for all the help you will need!

  1. Waltzing Matilda (Australian)
  2. Miserlou (Middle Eastern)
  3. Send Me The Pillow That You Dream On (lead Line)
  4. 14 Sea Chanty (What Do You Do With a Drunken Sailor?)
  5. The Eyes of Texas – the unofficial – State Song
  6. The Girl I Left Behind (Tin Flute / Bagpipe)
  7. Soldier’s Joy (Lead Line)
  8. All I Want is You (Song from Movie Juno) – 1977
  9. Hound Dog
  10. Dixie (Lead Line)
  11. The Yellow Rose of Texas (Lead Line)
  12. America (solo)
    1. America Part 2 (Duet)
  13. America, the Beautiful
  14. God Bless America (Solo/Duet/Trio)
    1. God bless America Accordion 2
    2. God bless America Accordion 3
  15. 16 Anchors Aweigh (Solo/Duet/Trio)
    1. Anchors Aweigh Second Accordion
    2. Anchors Aweigh Third Accordion