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Song List March 2015

About this time every month (it is 2-25-2015 today) – I go into PANIC mode. I am worried that I have written enough STUFF for everyone, and did I get what I did write – UPLOADED!!! I am busy bouncing between my “working song list” and the SEARCH on this blog – to make sure everything is done.

I am really HEAVY this month on Level 1-2 solos. ALSO – on Level 1-2 Duets & Trios. I can follow the HITS on the blog and this is what I am seeing you are opening the most!

This month I have created a DUET/TRIO/ENSEMBLE Page. Where NEW and old links will be posted – for your convenience.

Look at these pages:

  1. Level 1-2 Solos for March – 15 new songs (3 – Duets/trios)
  2. 60’s & 70’s – 7 new songs (2-Duet/trios)
  3. 80’s & 90’s – 4 new songs
  4. Play List – 6 new songs (Black Velvet Band & Patriotic)

Other Songs

  1. American Emblem March
  2. To Each His Own
  3. Party Line (Latin) – re-written from the NE Accordion Newsletter (Latin Basses)
  4. All I want is You (From Movie Juno) (2007)
  5. L’accordéoniste – Edith Piaf