April 2015 – Lesson #8 – Writing Assignment

I have known for many years – that IF I WRITE IT OUT – then I seem to remember it better. SOOO this lesson will be a written assignment. (and teachers – these are great for your students too!)

At the National Accordion Convention this past month – I gave out written tests – and even the most advanced players – found that there were things in the tests – that they did not know.

SOOO – have some fun – print these out and grab a pencil. The simple task of writing – will help you learn this theory.

(Remember How to PRINT – Click the link to open it – then CLICK THE PRINTER ICON in the PDF software – NOT the Print from your browser window)

See how simple that was – and look what you’ve learned (or RE-LEARNED)

Now Try these TOO.

NOW – that you have filled all these OUT – DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY. Please create a simple binder or folder and put them in it. These are a sample of the new Certificate Program that is launching – and you have just just done the written portion for Level 1 sessions 1 & 2!

Are you now game to try for the performance portion of the Certificate Level 1 – session 1 & 2?