Veikko Ahvenaisen

Veikko AhvenaisenWhat a Fantastic accordionist!

I just received several accordion arrangements by him with this note:

Hi Shelia,
Received your email, thank you.
It was very nice hear news from you and Texas. I suppose that you know
my story. Since 1966 I have been concert tours different countries such
as Japan, China, Canada all European countries and former Soviet Union. In
United States I have been concert tours since 1966 coast to coast, also in Texas, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio and Houston.

Famous Accordion virtuoso John  Molirari from San Francisco playd with me over 20 years concert tours in America and European countries. I have many nice
memories from my good friends Charles Magnante, Carmen Carrozza and
Myron Floren. I played with them many concerts in New York area. All of
them is pass away.

Now I’m 85 but still I play 100 concerts every year, writing arrangements, compositions and making new accordion records. Since 1955 I have played 996 recordings to many companies such as Time Warner, Accordia Records and others.

You can look my home pages www.veikkoahvenainen.com. Hear my music from
Your Tube. Russian famous bajanist Oleg Sharov plays also my music in
You Tube

With warm regards


See his arrangements at:


Here is a link to one of his Duets: