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May 2015 – Lesson #9 – Intro to Counterbasses

Counterbass Diagram smallThere is nothing MORE CONVENIENT on the accordion – than the fact that we have a counterbass row!!! This enables us to play really cool bass solos – and arpeggios – with little effort.

You already should have learned that our basses are arranged in 5ths. This means that the bass above C – is 5 notes away on the C scale. AND the bass above G is 5 notes away on the G Scales (etc). It is commonly called the Circle of Fifths – and our basses are laid out that way.

NOW – knowing that we have the 1st and the 5th notes right next to each other – all we need now it the 3rd tone of the scale – and we have the MAJOR CHORD! (1-3-5 of the Major Scale)

SOOO – the COUNTERBASS row IS THAT 3RD tone!!! What could be easier! When I was 7 or 8 – I figured out that I did not need to learn the major chords – my accordion basses – TOLD ME THE NAMES!!!

This exercise – steps you simply through a few basses with counterbasses and alternate basses – using both Major Chords and 7th Chords.

Link – Intro to Counterbasses

NOW – Have some fun and play a song – using this simple Modified Boogie Bass

Link – The Twist level 2.5