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Build and Play your Major and Minor 7th Chords

(Level 3+)

This is a very simple step – BEYOND the building the Major and Minor Chords – all you do is ADD 1 NOTE! Yes – it is that simple.

  • M7 Chord – Take your Major chord and ADD the 7th tone of the Scale (Major 3rd above the 5th)
  • Dominate 7th Chord – Take your Major Chord and ADD the 7th tone of the Scale (down 1/2 step) – Minor 3rd above the 5th)
  • m7 Chord – Take your Minor Chord and ADD the Dominate 7th note (7th tone of scale flatted)

In the exercises below – I am using ALL 4 notes in the 7th chords – so you will know what these notes are. USUALLY – when adding chords to your solo line – you omit the Tonic (root tone) or the 5th – therefore you have a Triad.

The BIGGEST THING to remember – ALWAYS ADD the notes that make the CHORD what is is – If Minor – grab the Flatted 3rd. If M7 – grab the 7th tone of the scale – etc.

Please review these charts 

NOW – open this new Exercise

Link – Major and Minor 7th Chords Build Roll

Now – go get comfortable with the chord accompaniment to the Flintstones and try to add some of these chords to the melody line as well.