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Triumphal March from Aida – Verdi

You need at least 1 GRAND MARCH in your repertoire. This is it! I have used this for graduations, weddings, ceremonies, and even the every so long – GRAND MARCH DANCES!

I arranged this in 2 keys – the Original – Ab – so that you can perform this with FULL BRASS ACCOMPANIMENT and in the Key of G – to make it easier – You are welcome very much!

Triumphal March from Aida Key of G

Triumphal March from Aida Key of Ab


About the Song:

Many compoosers have written a triumphal march, with maybe the best known one being by Italian opera composer, Giuseppe Verdi for his 1871 grand opera, Aida, where, in the second act, Radames leads the Egyptian army on its return following their victory over the Ethiopians. The triumphal scene gives directors the opportunity for elaborate spectacle typical of the grand opera of the period in the nineteenth century.

This arrangement is an excerpt from the 2nd act of Verdi’s opera, Aida. It was first performed at the Khedivial Opera House in Cairo on December 24, 1871.