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Mon Amant de St. Jean – Level 3

This is a lovely arrangement (that yes – I goosed up with more bass work) by Jackie Moody. Thank you Jackie for sharing your arrangement.

I could hear a lot of different bass styles across all the You Tube links I listened to – and these are the ones that REALLY NEED to be in the arrangement.

Bass Hints

  • Measure 5 & 6 – play Am the stay on the minor bass for the entire two measures. For bases – G# is the counter bass of E (Above a) and the G will be played with your 4th finger dropping down to G. the F# is counter bass of D – so play it with your 4th finger too. This will set you up to play the Dm.
  • Measure 8 – I forgot to put a little line under the F# and G#. They are counter basses. Play Am like normal and start the run on 2 on E, 4 of F# counter bass of D (below) and put 2 on G# counter bass of E. This will lead you back to 3 on Am bass
  • Measure 12 – this is a minor arpeggio. Will have the same fingering for any minor arpeggio. 3 on A, 2 on E, and 5 on C bass
  • Measure 13 – start with 3 on A, the 2 on G# counter bass above it (E), then drop 5 to plain G, then 4 on F3 counter bass of D
  • Measure 20 – I always put the proper chord symbal – if you chicken out and can’t do the bass solo. This one you have to stretch a little – Start with 2 on E, then 3 on D, then 4 on C then 3 on B – counter bass of G (Right above the C bass)

And that should get you all lined up.

Link – Mon Amant de St Jean short version

Link to my dear friend Howard Chapman – playing a great version of this song: