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Pas Si Simple by Yann Tiersen

From the Soundtrack for “Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulain”

BEWARE – you must have an accordion with 2 basses above E!

This is a REAL NOVELTY – another arrangement by Jackie Moody. I added page two – the rocking chords and the typewriter effects.

Listen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9q0crMIBZLw

Link – Pas Si Simple by Yann Tiersen from Amelie Soundtrack

There is a cool typewriter sound – that starts the song – Use your “noisiest shifts” on your accordion – to imitate the typewriter. AND then if you have shifts on your left hand – continue to play the shifts only – NO Basses – the first time through the 1st section. JUST DON’T forget to make sure the correct shift in ON when you finish!

Notice the bass style emulates the typewriter rhythm. DON’T particularly hole the dotted quarter note longer – just “wait” for the 8th note after hitting the first chord.

ALSO – I did not notate it – but a two middle reed shift sound great – especially if you switch from a single middle reed after the first section repeats. Change the shift before the run in the 1st ending.

MEASURE #34 section HINT

  1. Run the section by holding the 3 notes (top 2 with the one that follows) for the entire measure
  2. Notice that when the top notes do move – they move only up or down 1 note
  3. Notice the bottom note NEVER changes – except where the bases change.
  4. Set up your fingering – with 4 and 2 for top two notes and use 5 and 3 when the note goes up one note.
  5. When the top notes move down the scale – use 5/3, then 4/2, then 4/2
  6. Try for a VERY even rocking of the 8th notes