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In a Monastery Garden by Albert William Ketèlbey

A very famous piece (well, it is in – England) by Albert William Ketèlbey, an English composer (1959 to 1975), called In a Monastery Garden. (He wrote lots of descriptive pieces similar to this one).

It was especially successful when performed by Ronnie Ronalde who often performed it as his finale (he would whistle it, which is what he was famous for!!) and sold over a million recordings.

Listen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q2aYDWb676Q

Listen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sl_x6Ckv28A

In a Monastery Garden Level 3 (Just fixed this link 8-1)

About the Song

Albert William Ketèlbey describes the “movements” in the piece thus:
The first theme represents a poet’s reverie in the quietude of the monastery garden amidst beatific surroundings – the calm serene atmosphere — the leafy trees, and the singing birds. The second theme in the minor, expresses the more “personal” note of sadness, of appeal and contrition.

Presently the monks are heard chanting the Kyrie Eleison (which should be sung by the orchestra) with the organ playing and the chapel-bell ringing. The first theme is now heard in a quieter manner as if it had become more ethereal and distant; the singing of the monks is again heard — it becomes louder and more insistent, bringing the piece to a conclusion in a glow of exaltation.

Arrangement furnished to me by Dr. Sissons (Thank You)