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Song List Sept 2015

WOW – where did the summer go!!! AND WOW – I see I was really in a SILLY MODE this month. This list is all FUN – extremely easy and when you perform most of these – you WILL NOT HAVE TO INTRODUCE THEM – they are that familiar.

AND don’t forget to check out this month’s lesson – and this month’s exercise!

  1. Bunny Hop (Play List – Silly)
  2. Chicken Dance (Play List – Silly)
  3. Cocktail Waltz (Sept Lesson)
  4. Dark Eyes (Sept Lesson)
  5. Hokey Pokey (Play List)
  6. Jesusita en Chihuahua (Jesse’a Polka) Playlist Tex/Mex Level 3.5)
  7. Limbo Rock (Play List – Silly)
  8. Milord – French Playlist
  9. Oh My Papa (Eddie Fisher) Level 1.5
  10. Oh, What A Woman (Ohk, Kakaya Zhenzhina!) Russian Playlist
  11. Kalinka Russian Playlist
  12. katyusha (Katusha) Playlist
  13. Waldegger (Sept Lesson)
  14. Waltz Across Texas (Sept Lesson)
  15. Wesphalia Waltz (Sept Lesson)
  16. El Circo (Alabama Jubiliee) (Play List Tex/Mex)

EnsembleBlack Bottom (Roaring 20’s)


  1. Cantina Band from Star Wars
  2. Unchained Melody (Righteous Brothers)
  3. Indian Reservation


(I owe you a few here – NEXT on my list!)