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Welcome to the Key of D Major

So – this month I pick the key of D – and will show you how to get “centered” in the key – so you are comfortable. There are several TRICKS that help you when you hit songs with multiple sharps and flats in the key. Here are a FEW – and these can be applied to all keys.

Key of D – F# and C# – many Celtic songs and Cajun songs are in the key of D – because the Violin (Fiddle) likes the key of D and the Tin Flute (Whistle) is in the key of D.

Link – Welcome to Key of D

  1. Learn and play the scale several times before playing a song in the key of D
  2. Learn and play ALL the Chords that are likely to appear in that key
  3. And remember the fingering rule for black notes – AVOID the 5 on the TOP for a black note – use 4 instead – and TRY TO AVOID a thumb on a black note – but it is do-able! The only time 5 on top on a black note is okay – is if your thumb is on the lower octave!
  4. Immerse yourself with several songs in that key.

Grab the D parts from the Exercises below – plus learn a few other keys as well. (Introduction to the A Minor scale!)

Now try your hand at these songs in D: