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Theme from “A Summer Place” 1960

Here is another one of those songs – YOU HEAR THE INTRO and you know what the song is. I am old enough to remember seeing this movie on “Saturday Night at the Movies” – when network TV – started putting movies on TV!!! I was in LOVE with Sandra Dee and Tab Hunter!!!

1960 Grammy for Record of the Year!

Another Simple Trio – level 1.5


  1. =60 – means 1 count per second
  2. Key of C
  3. LOOK at the Dynamics for the entire song
    1. Section #29 – marked solid – but 1st can still crescendo into and diminuendo out of phrases
  4. Measure #45
    1. 3rd has all the Chomp Chomps and the LH – very “dribble” very staccato
    2. 3rd Left hand – HOLD the bass only to learn – then add the chords later
    3. Notice how the basses repeat (except for the bridge at #29)
    4. 2nd & 3rd are Chomp Chomps until #61
    5. 2nds – practice your little runs – they are like arpeggios (They are all the same!)
  5. Measure #29 – Bridge
    1. Rhythm changes for 2nd & 3rds – 3 note chords for 3rds

About the Song:

The 1960 instrumental hit “Theme from A Summer Place“, composed by Max Steiner, was used in the film as a secondary musical theme (not the main title theme) for scenes featuring Molly and Johnny. The version used in the film was recorded by Hugo Winterhalter. It was later arranged and recorded by Percy Faith and performed by his orchestra, enriching and improving on the original.

In 1960, the Percy Faith version reached Number One on the Billboard Hot 100 chart for nine consecutive weeks, a record at that time. The theme has been covered in instrumental or vocal versions by numerous other artists, including The Lettermen, Andy Williams, Cliff Richard, Julie London, Billy Vaughn, Joanie Sommers and The Ventures, and has been featured in many other films and television programs.