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Lollipop – 1958

What a fun song – it  builds the chord structures as it goes!!! (And it is the typical C-Am-Dm-G7 chord pattern!) This is real popular with Barbershop Quartets!!! NOW – to perform this – you have to master the “POP” and on the 4th count!!! or it doesn’t work!!! I suggest a pin and a balloon or one of those pop guns!!

Listen – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0kd-w7Xwd8

 and – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3rYoRaxgOE0


  1. Typical rock style speed – 120
  2. Swing Counting – Swing Counting to Notes
  3. If you have trouble with the tied notes – practice them without the tie first!
  4. The fingering is easy – 1/4 means – 1st number is what you hit the note with the 2ns number is the finger you change to while you hold the note down
  5. Remember when the count is a rest – the next 8th note will be short like the illustration above
  6. 4th and 5th – Left Hand – keep the bass strong and the chord short (4th swing the 8th note chords – “long-short”) Remember the song Heart & Soul!!! Same beat!
  7. 5th part is only to be played by level 1 players (PH Bk 1)

About the Song:

Lollipop” is a pop song written by Julius Dixson and Beverly Ross in 1958. It was first recorded by the duo Ronald & Ruby — Ross herself was “Ruby” — and then covered more successfully by The Chordettes.

“Lollipop” was then covered in the United States by female vocal quartet The Chordettes whose version reached #2 and #3 on the Billboard pop and R&B charts, respectively. The song became a worldwide hit. The Chordettes’ version reached #6 in the UK, where there was also a cover version by The Mudlarks which made #2.