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Debra Peters – Accordion Educational DVDs

Debra Peters has made 3 exceptional DVDs – that will walk you through many aspects of playing the accordion with a HEAVY CONCENTRATION on basses! I get so many requests for DVDs – because YOU want to SEE what you are learning and there are so FEW out there!!! Especially for Basses!

DEBRA PETERS … Performs and teaches accordion, piano & voice in Austin Texas and her band – LOVE SAINTS plays … a variety of blues, roots-rockin’, zydeco, cajun, western swing, western swamp, train beats & classic country music.

Personal Note: Debra and I have been friends for years. We are both CRAZY LADIES that love the accordion. I have had her conduct workshops for my music studio and AND her Blues Session at the Honors Accordion Retreat held this past Nov. 2015 was a FANTASTIC!


The one I recommend the most is Debra’s ABCs of ACCORDION Basic Debra Bass Patterns25 BASS PATTERNS DVD. Debra shows you how to add some really cool bass patterns to different style music and she includes a booklet with all the patterns written out!

And with the booklet – there are actually 36 bass patterns total!!

Notated in BASS CLEF for you to read and play, or put on the DVD so you can play along with the teacher! Hours of fun!
Price: $39.95 free shipping USA.


ABCs of ACCORDION Basic Vol. 1

EPSON scanner imageVol.1 includes the 5 most common BASS patterns for LEFT HAND buttons and Debra’s “easy” I-IV-V chords…  Zero in on the BLUES SCALE notes.

Play accordion using roots Blues & Gospel chord progressions. This power-packed hour-long DVD offers more than the blues.

The DVD provides info. and basic rhythm patterns for several music styles: Folk, Americana,Tex-Mex, Country, Cajun, Zydeco, Mardi-Gras, Waltzes, Polka, and more. Price: $29.95 free shipping USA.

ABCs of ACCORDION Basic Vol. 2Debra 2DVDcover

Vol. 2 digs a little deeper into the depths of the Bass Patterns for the 120 bass accordion. Walking Bass, Playing Thirds, LH Major Scale, “4-note” Triads, 1-5-1-1-Song endings, 1-6m-4-5 progressions, Cajun Progression 1-5-5-1, playing in the key of A and more. Price: $29.95 free shipping USA.