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Country Song Lyrics with Chord (Bass) Cues

I used to FREAK OUT – when another musician would hand me a lyric sheet with the Chords cued. I had no idea what to play – THEN A LIGHT BULB WENT ON – this is easier than playing the melody – ALL I HAVE TO DO IS PLAY THE CHORDS!!! YEAH!!!

Check Out this Linkhttp://www.classic-country-song-lyrics.com/

There is more than just Country music here – there is even a large list of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Everly Brothers, Willie Nelson, and Gospel.

Let’s start with an Easy One – Rocky Top

Link – http://www.classic-country-song-lyrics.com/rockytoplyricsandchords.html

G                      C      G               Em              D7           G
Wish that I was on old Rocky Top down in the Tennessee hills
–                        C             G             Em       D7           G
Ain’t no smoggy smoke on Rocky Top ain’t no telephone bills
–                  C          G             Em               D7           G
Once I had a man on Rocky Top half bear the other half cat
–             C            G          Em                  D7               G
Wild as a mink but sweet as soda pop I still dream about that

Em                     D7          F                              C
Rocky Top you’ll always be home sweet home to me
–            G                              F     G                       F     G
Good ole Rocky Top Rocky Top Tennessee Rocky Top Tennessee

  1. The letters above the lyrics are the chords you are supposed to play. If there is no symbol after the letter – then you play the MAJOR chord. AND that chord will continue to be the background until it tells you to change. I had to use a “-” to keep the chords in position – it just means to KEEP playing the last chord notated.
  2. Listen to the song and establish the beat (4/4 or 3/4?) – Lynn Anderson
  3. Sometimes the singer does not sing in the key of the music – so it is hard to play along.
  4. WATCH the lyrics as you listen and listen for the chord changes. (Ear Training 101!)
  5. It doesn’t matter if you sing or not – you can “sing the words in your head” as you now HOLD the LEFT HAND BASSES
  6. NOW – find the beat and play “bass chord bass chord” (don’t forget to alternate and add a few bass solos)
  7. Right Hand Chords – Have you found the KEY? It is usually the first and last Chord. If these are different – the LAST CHORD WINS! SO this is KEY OF G!
  8. MY RULE – Key of G – Put your PINKY ON G! Go to your CHORD POSITIONS ALL KEYS CHART – and find the G Row. Now practice all the chords that are located in the song – GM – CM – Em – D7 are all on the G ROW – the then find FM. You will only move up or down 1 note!!!
  9. NOW – change the chords in the pattern of the lyric sheet – You are now ACCOMPANYING or COMPING – a singer! or participating in a JAM! Don’t forget to play the chords – Block, or Rocking, or Rolling (Search for that exercise!)
  10. NOW – you can cheat – and see what it SHOULD look like with the melody! –
  11. Link – Rocky Top (new chords)

Now I will tell you – WAY BACK WHEN the song first came out – I LISTENED to the recording and I wrote out a version – that I have been playing since 1970!! (45 years!) and I had NO IDEA that those Em chords were in there!!! SOO I have re-written my arrangement! I learned something today!!!! COOL!

I have now started to CHECK all the lyric sheets for the songs that I am writing for this blog – that I am writing “BY EAR” – so I don’t miss these subtle chord changes.

Now let’s try these and repeat the #1 – #9 above:

Now – I gave you the sheet music to Rocky Top and On the Road Again – the rest – is ON YOU!!! Have fun – this is the ONLY WAY to make yourself LEARN YOUR CHORDS and be able to play the chords “ON THE FLY”