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12 Bass Accordion Solos

I have received several requests for solos that can be played ONLY on a 12 Bass Accordion. WELL – there are TONS of songs – and this list is FROM SONGS ALREADY on this Accordion Blog!!!

You can find more on this blog by searching for Level 1-2 Solos.

Hints to Find Good Solos:

  1. Look for songs that have only 2 or 3 chord changes
  2. If you see a 7th chord – PLAY MAJOR instead
  3. If you see a Minor or Dim. chord – Play the Bass only (don’t play the chords)
  4. If there is only 1 or 2 measures that hit a bass you do not have – substitute the chord in your RIGHT HAND – and play NO BASS for that measure!
  5. You can play most songs in the Keys of C or G or F and sometimes D

Bob Butchart just sent me his arrangements of these – more double notes and other keys!! Thanks Bob.