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Summertime – From Porge & Bess – 1960 Grammy Best Movie Soundtrack

This is a beautiful song – nice and slow and REALLY depends on the movement of the m6th chords. Here are a few TRICKS to identify the 6th tone of any chord ON THE FLY!

  1. In any key – the M6 NOTE is the note 1 whole step above the 5th of the Major Chord = i.e. In CM – it is A – one step above the G (CEG) and in AM – it is F# – one step above the E (AC#E)
  2. OR – the M6 NOTE is the actual 6th tone of that scale!
  3. In any key – the m6 NOTE – is the SAME NOTE AS IN THE M6
  4. In any key – the minor NOTE – is the 3rd tone of the Major Chord – down 1/2 step
  5. NOW – the full M6 Chord is the Major Chord with the 6th tone added (1356)
  6. NOW – the full m6 Chord is the Minor Chord with the 6th toe added (13b56)

Does this make sense?????

In Summertime – you will use the same ADDED NOTES just about all the way through!

  1. Am6 – spelled – 1A 3C 5E 6F#  (C# is the normal note in a Major Chord)
  2. Bm6 – spelled – 1B 3D 5F# 6G# (D# is the normal note in a Major Chord)
  3. Cm6 – spelled – 1C 3Eb 5G 6A (E is the normal note in a Major Chord)

How to add these chords and create “movement” and texture”.

  1. Because this is a JAZZY SONG – we are going for 3 added notes – below the melody note! (normally only 2)
  2. Never add notes above melody – unless rhythmic additions
  3. Measure #2 & 3 – the melody note is E or movement between D-C-D E.
  4. Am6 – 1A 3C 5E 6F# – E is Melody note!
  5. Bm61B 3D 5F# 6G# – I could have kept the F# – but I like the sound of the movement to the G#
  6. IF 3 notes are TOO MANY – then at least add the tone that is the 6th! because your left hand will do the Major or the Minor chord for you!

Summertime Chord Example

NOW – there are 4 more chords in the next line – Dm7, E7 F7 & E7+9 (E9)

  1. Dm7 – spelled – 1D 3F 5A 7C (this is dominate 7th – down 1/2 step from 7th tone in the scale
  2. E7 – spelled 1E 3G# 5B 7D
  3. F7 – spelled 1F 3A 5C 7Eb
  4. E7+9 (E9) – spelled 1E 3G# 5B 7D + 9F# (E9 is the dominate 7th PLUS #9)

Summertime Chord Example2

Measure #7 – I had to keep the chords UNDER the moving notes

Lead Line – Summertime Lead Line

Full Chord Arrangement – Summertime full chords

Link – Hear Dr Sissons perform this arrangement

I have given you the chords – NOW YOU roll them and create leading runs and embellishments!